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Lady Lane Market

Visual Identity

Women lead the charge in East London

Markets have been part of the fabric of East End life for decades, but even with their enduring appeal, it’s surprising to know that in 2019 approximately only 10% of traders in the London borough of Tower Hamlets are women.

The local council recognised the opportunity to encourage female traders in the local area, where a rich culture and talent pool existed, but that was potentially being hampered by the male-dominated status quo.

It understood the need to offer layers of support (with business and media training), to generate a sense of camaraderie and empowerment in the female community. They worked with partners, including ourselves, to help understand the cultural context and needs of the traders, and to develop an all-new female market collective of sellers - ‘Lady Lane Market’.

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Together we worked with the team to develop a brand identity. This included collaborative naming development, a logo and brand marketing iterations. The identity was purposely created with a hand-drawn logotype representing the human, warm and inclusive environment of the market culture. The feminine, circular shape acts as a shorthand to the welcoming, homely feel of both the community within and the unique offering of the products on sale.

The colour palette draws on similar themes of warmth and support with the use of soothing earthy tones, fitting for the community feel and homegrown products it offers.

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We created the brand identity and assets to cover all platforms from, website development, social media, and banners, to tags and merchandise, creating different iterations of the logo as both line and icon versions.

Launched on the 15th November the market occupies a stretch of Wentworth Street on the historic Petticoat Lane Market site and runs from 10 am to 3 pm every Friday.


Created a new brand identity that represented warmth and inclusivity

Offered a suite of options for social and marketing opportunities

Helped promote a new platform for women from the local area and beyond