A hero Rosie Lee image
A hero Rosie Lee image
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Fedrigoni 366

What better message to round up 2019 and to ring in the new year?

Peace represents the day we were assigned as part of Fedrigoni’s annual calendar. Celebrating the 21st of September 2020 - the International Day of Peace. The calendar calls for submissions from across the UK, uniting an array of the best illustrators, artists, designers and photographers, each contributing to a given date in the year ahead.

We were honoured to be asked to take part in its creation, with the leap year addition making 2020s calendar - the ‘Fedrigoni 366’. Following on from the success of the monochrome 2019 version, the 2020 calendar is an awe-inspiring celebration of colour, with a beautiful collection of graphics, photographs, patterns and figures bringing each of the 366 days to life.

It delivers a sustainability message too that beats close to the heart of Rosie Lee, with both the publication being Carbon Balanced as well as using the Woodstock range of hues, one of the most environmentally friendly colour ranges, created using 80% recycled fibres.

The International Day of Peace marks a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples”. Timely as the year comes to a close, and the reflective nature of the season, we want to wish you all a super peaceful, and relaxing end to your year. Here’s to what 2020 may hold!

For more details of the calendar and how to order see: https://www.counter-print.co.uk/products/fedrigoni-366-2020